Moulin Rouge Broadway Schedule

Visit the Al Hirschfeld Theatre early in the event that you have Moulin Rouge! The Musical Discount Tickets with free cancellation," which opened Thursday. Theatergoers clog the aisles straight around curtain time to shoot selfies facing Derek McLane's glittering re-creation of this celebrated Montmartre cabaret, framed on the Hirschfeld point by a sparkling windmill in 1 mezzanine box plus a mythical blue elephant at the opposite one.

If memory serves, McLane has obtained Boris Aronson's heart-shaped, powder-puff Loveland set in the first "Follies," expanded it, inserted half of the gold out of Fort Knox and flipped it into a rococo whorehouse beneath Justin Townsend's hot-to-the-glance light layout. Why squander a curtain to conceal such blinding excess pre-show when countless theatergoers every night might offer free advertisements on Facebook and Instagram, declaring to buddies,"I am here and you're not"?

"Moulin Rouge The Musical" requires you to Bohemia, and heaps of pop songs tunes are utilized to tell the tales of love, deception and artistic expression.

Based upon the 2001 film that starred Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, the Broadway musical celebrities Karen Olivo and Aaron Tveit as Satine and Christian, the fans who meet in the famed Paris nightclub.

"The gist of Satine is probably a loyal fighter. She is a person who type of carved out her world of nothing, and it has become the very sought-after performer and courtesan in Paris," Olivo said.

Having an elaborate group created by Derek McLane,"Moulin Rouge The Musical" provides theatergoers a sense of being there. Academy Award winner Aaron Sorkin's new Broadway show, explore schedule and prices for To Kill a Mockingbird tickets.

"All you need to do is look within this theatre and I believe that you can see, you can imagine how excited we will be here. This is really an incredible thing also to find a production accomplished this way, interpreted to point is really, really unique," Tveit said.

"That is my 18th Broadway series, and I have never been a part of anything like this. It's spectacular beyond magnificent," celebrity Danny Burstein said.

Burstein is the ringmaster in this universe of audio and mystery.

"I play Harold Zidler, and he is the impresario of the Moulin Rouge. And he is sexy and gritty and hard," he said.

Art and sway play a part, and also the famous artist Toulouse-Lautrec was there to demonstrate the entire world. He is portrayed by celebrity Sahr Ngaujah from the series.

"Plenty of time she needed to be on the exterior of things which were occurring and that he took it on himself to paint this, then he gave the world a window indoors before selfies," Ngaujah said.

Alex Timbers is the manager of this musical.

"You know, we kind of wanted to obviously embrace the club and fantasy... of Paris, but drive right into a sort of heightened deluxe maximalism and make something which felt exotic and exciting and reckless and visually exciting," he said.

"I feel the most significant thing about Moulin Rouge is the fact that it is a story about love, and it deals with love in every conceivable facet. I believe that is what audiences respond to," John Logan, book author for the musical, said.

Over 70 tunes are from the series, so selecting the ideal music has been key.

"I had been really excited about digging throughout the previous century of the pop canon. Because in the end of the day, what Puccini was performing and exactly what Lady Gaga is performing today aren't dissimilar," orchestrator Justin Levine said.

"You hear people's responses to what they're hearing, their gasps. You know they're going in their journey also while they're seeing our story unfold," Tam Mutu, who plays with the Duke of Monroth, said.

The team expects to make a lasting impression and a desire for viewers to have an exhilarating experience.

"It is that floating thought of feeling like anything is possible, sense such as this love which you feel and wondrous love which you believe is possible," choreographer Sonya Tayeh said.